Pentax K-3 Mark III Flagship APS-C Black Camera Body – 12fps, Touch Screen LCD, Weather Resistant Magnesium Alloy Body with in-Body 5-Axis Shake Reduction. 1.05x Optical viewfinder with 100% FOV

Model Name PENTAX K-3 Mark III
Brand Pentax
Color Black
Optical Sensor Size APS-C
Lens Type NO

About this item

  • Based on core principles of passion for photography, The All New Flagship APS-C model K-3 III continues a heritage of craftsmanship combined with todays new technologies.
  • The newly designed optical veiwfinder provides a 100% field of view and 1.05x image magnification. The veiwfinder offers a wide viewing angle comparable to full frame cameras with increased image brightness due to the improved reflectance of the pentaprism.
  • Top ISO sensitivity of 1.6 million provides image capture in low light situations and achieves excellent descriptive power in the entire sensitivity range. Multi-dimensional image space filtering reduces noise while leaving fine contours. It maximizes the resolution performance and reproduces the texture and details of the subject.
  • PENTAX SHAKE REDUCTION MECHANISM – Equipped with the PENTAX SR II, the K-3 Mark III provides up-to 5.5-Shutter-Step image stabilization on 5-Axis’ for blur-free images when using telephoto lenses or challenging low-light. The Pentax Shake Ruduction Mechanism is comptible with every Pentax lens ever manufactured and is also used for other photo applications such as [ Pixel Shift Resolution, AstroTracer, HDR, Image Composistion, AA-Filter Simulator ]
  • PENTAX RENOWED CONSTRUCTION – To start the entire chassis of the K-3 Mark III is built with High-Strengh, Lightweight Magnesium Alloy. 95 Seals are then applied to the body to prevent the intrusion of dust and watter. The End Result: A rugged, durrable, dependable camera which can be used in the harshest environments.
  • The newly developed mirror, shutter drive mechanisim and images procesing engine produces 12 FPS image capture, perfect for fast action and movment.
  • Newly enhanced SAFOX13 Af sytem expands the AF points to 101, aloowing for an increased AF area, faster response and highly accureate subject capture.
  • Dual SD card slots allow for similtaneous capture as well as customized image placement. Slot 1 is compatible with UHS-II cards for high speed read/write and image copying.
  • The High reolution touch scren LCD allows for allows for faster engagment to the cameras menu system for image and operational customization. The touch LCD also provides imroved image review capbilites as well as swipe and pinch between and withing images.
  • [What’s in the box] Strap O-ST162, ME finder cap, battery D-LI90P, USB power adapter, power plug, USB cable I-USB166, (the following are shipped attached to the camera) Eye cup FU, hot shoe cover FK, Synchro Socket 2P Cap, Body Mount Cap KII, Battery Grip Contact Cover; Mounting type: Bayonet


Main features


Optical viewfinder

FOV which is equivalent to that of a full-frame camera. Brightness is increased by 10% by improving the reflectance of pentaprism (compared to K-3 II)


Inbody shake compensation SRII

Shake compensation that is compatible with all mountable lenses. SR II supports 5-axis correction of pitch and yaw, roll and horizontal/vertical shift


High speed continuous shooting

High speed continuous shooting of up to 12 images per second with AF.S and up to 11 images per second with AF.C is achieved.


Compatible with classic lenses

Each of your classic and cherished lenses creates its own distinctive ambience in captured images.


New CMOS image sensor

In order to achieve even higher image quality, the K-3 Mark III features a new back illuminated image sensor (effective pixels: 25.73milllion pixels).



Equipped with an eye sensor that allows the screen to turn off at the same time as looking through the viewfinder.


Magnesium alloy body

Thorough dust-proof and weather-resistant construction with 95 seals on the body prevents water droplets and dust from entering.


Dual slot UHS-II compatible

Slot 1 is compatible with UHS-II which enables high speed writing. Image copying between cards is also possible.

Recommended lenses

HD DA20-40mm

HD DA 20-40mmF2.8-4

HD DA40mm

HD DA 40mmF2.8

HD DA11-18mm

HD DA*11-18mmF2.8

HD DA16-85mm

HD DA 16-85mm F3.5-5.6

HD DA55-300mm

HD DA 55-300mm F4.5-6.3


DA*300mm F4


HD DA 16-50mm F2.8

Minimum aperture
22-32 22 22 22-38 22-32 32 22
3.94 x 3.54 x 3.15 inches 0.59 x 2.48 x 2.48 inches 6.5 x 6.2 x 4.8 inches 3.7 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.01 inches 9.7 x 7.1 x 5 inches 4.6 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches
283g 89g 704g 488g 442g 1070g 712g
Minimum focusing distance
0.28m 0.4m 0.3m 0.35m 0.95m 1.4m 0.3m
Filter Diameter
55mm 49 or 30.5mm 82mm 72mm 58mm 77mm 77mm

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